SiteGround Black Friday deal 2021

Are you looking for a reliable web hosting to start your online business or to start a blog then this is the right time for you to buy Siteground web hosting? 

Siteground Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is live. 

And in 2021 siteground is offering 70% off on there shared hosting plans. 

As Siteground is one of the best and most recommend web hosting, it is hard to get a discount on this hosting.

So if you are serious to take your business online then make sure to grab this deal. 

And, I am pretty sure, you never get a deal like this.  

Siteground Black Friday deals 2021 

Hosting PlansRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Gogeek34$/ Month8.68$/Month

Grow big plan is a most recommended plan of siteground web hosting, and I will also recommend you go for grow big plan or if you want to have a fast loading website then you can go Gogeek plans. 
Their caching system will help you achieve a good speed. 

How to activate Siteground Black Friday 2021 coupon 

Activating siteground Black Friday deals is easy work, However, I have described step by step process to get the deal. 

Step 1. Click on the link below to go to the offer page of siteground web hosting. 

Step 2. Now, choose a plan which suits your need, I will recommend you to go grow big plan because it has some extra functionality like caching, unlimited site integration and more.

Step 3.  Here, You have to enter your domain name, If you don’t have one then you can also purchase it from here,

After you add your domain name click on proceed.

Step 4.  Now, here fill all the details they are asking, and pay it.

Awesome! You made it, the siteground black Friday discount will automatically get applied.

Note:- If you don’t know how to set a website, you can contact us at 
I will be happy to set up your website. 

Benefits of Choosing Siteground web hosting 

As I told you earlier, siteground is the most recommended web hosting, Even the WordPress team also recommend this hosting on their site. 
And when it comes to WordPress web hosting, people look for fast loading and low server downs.  

However, I have created a list of features that will be so beneficial for your website.
So here is the deal, 

Powered by  Google Cloud 

I may sound little techie but this is important After the 1st Jan 2020 siteground shift their platform to google cloud. 

Which is a great deal because, Google is best known for their no downtime, and fast performing servers. 

Before this siteground was used to store their data on their data center in the USA or Europe, And now, Siteground is using google’s cloud to store websites for access from anywhere in the world. 

And the best part is that this feature is available for all the plans. You don’t need to have an enterprise plan to store your website on google cloud. 

You can start hosting your website with WordPress starter hosting plans for 6.99 $ per month.
And in siteground black Friday 2021, they are giving it for so cheap.

No to very low Downtime

Siteground is best known for its maximum uptime. And I agree with it, I am using siteground from last year, and I have not noticed any downtime till now which is great.

And having very downtime for your website is so important, think it like you need some groceries, and you are going to your favorite shop, when you reach there, you find that they are temporarily closed. 

Now, what will you do? You probably bounce to a new shop to buy it. 

This the same what users do, when your website is down. 
That’s why having a low downtime website is so important. 

Best support from industry experts 

Having a great support system is so important when you choose a web hosting. 

Because You will face some small or major problems now and then. 
Which only experts can figure out. 

So, the siteground offers an industry expert support system, And they helped me within half an hour whenever I face any problem. 

When I was switching my hosting from A2 hosting to the siteground, I faced some major problems with SSL encryption. 

But they solved it within an hour, and that was a great experience for me. 
They are up 24/7 to help you with any problem.

Before the siteground, I was using A2 hosting, they also provide a good support system, but they are not as active as the siteground. 

Daily backup and free SSL

If you think that, you will not face any problems in WordPress cms then you are wrong because lots of vulnerable plugins daily affect 1000 WordPress websites. 

In this situation, siteground daily backup facilities come into play. 

Siteground provides a free daily backup and you can ask for the backup file whenever you want. 

Awesome right! 

And if you choose this hosting then you will also get a free SSL with it, which help you save your website from hackers vulnerable attacks

And you don’t need to pay extra money for this.

Review of Siteground

“SiteGround is a great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects – both new and established ones. The service they provide is stable, secure, and super fast thanks to the special tools they’ve developed in-house for WordPress users.”

— Syed Balkhi

“We keep track of which hosts we get a lot of support requests for, so we can reach out to them. We had a hard time finding SiteGround in that list as we had so few complaints from customers hosted with them.”

— Joost De Valk (Yoast SEO Founder )

“I am passionate about web performance. It takes a hosting committed to performance to match that passion. SG Optimizer delivers powerful cache for WordPress data, assets, and pages with a flip of a switch. Even on the shared plans!”

— Andrey Savchenko WordPress Developer

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FAQs related Siteground black Friday and Cyber Monday sale

1. Is Siteground webhosting good for WordPress?
Siteground web hosting is one of the most recommend services by experts. Even WordPress also mentions it in the best hosting providers for WordPress.

2. What is the siteground black Friday? 
On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will get huge discounts on all the digital products. And the siteground also provides an awesome deal on black Friday. 

3. What are the refund policies?
If you don’t like the service of the siteground then you can claim a refund within 30 days of purchasing. And they will be happy to return all your money. 

4. Does the siteground offer a free trial? 
No ! siteground don’t provide a free trial, if you are an affiliate of this then only you can use their service for a few days. 

5. Will you get a domain with the hosting?
No ! you will not get a domain name for free however you can purchase a domain from them. 

6. Is the siteground better than a2 hosting? 
I have used a2 hosting for my site and from my experience, I found that the siteground is slightly better than a2 hosting. 

Alternatives of Siteground Web Hosting

Conclusion:-  Here you go, If you want to grow your WordPress website and make money online then I will highly recommend you to go with siteground hosting. 
And black Friday is the right time to purchase it. 

Some of the links listed above are affiliate links, So in case you make a purchase any product from my link, I will get little commission from the companies but no extra cost to you.

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